Booster Seat

  • Comfortable and affordable alternating seating, occupied with Soft-Touch™ material
  • Can be securely attached to standard chairs and to use in push chairs
  • Comfortable and proper positioning support
  • Comes with strap which can be used for both strapping the seat and to carry it
  • 3-Point Safety Belt provides height and pelvic stability and sacral and lateral thigh support
  • Easy to take along on family gatherings, restaurants and vacations
  • It’s latex free material and withstands cracking
  • Peel and tear resistant and impermeable to fluids
  • Contains anti-microbial agents and get cleaned easily with common disinfectants
  • Available in only one size but three colors – Chocolate, Cherry and Lilac
  • 5 years manufacturer warranty
  • CE certified
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