Functional Knee Brace

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  • It is made of polyethylene with interior coating of foamy material and neoprene at the outside, side aluminum blades with multi-central joint
  • Bend range of 0-120 degrees, from 0-30 degrees with a gradation of 10 & 15 degrees and 4 bandages for better support
  • For therapy of fractures or in any case where you need to have movement control for the knee
  • Easy to put and adjust
  • Pro-surgery use in cases of rupture of joints and tendons, Post-surgery use in cases of rupture of oblique cross tendons and rupture of the quadriceps, Also for knee instability and for rehabilitation cases
  • Available is different sizes, one Narthex height 40cm
  • Knee perimeters (cm): S 25-35, M 35-45, L 45-50, XL 50-55
  • Product Code: 2042
  • CE certified
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