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  • EN series incubators for the applications in clinical diagnostic laboratories in the fields of medical, biotechnology and veterinary sciences
  • Suitable for quality control laboratories such as pharmaceutical, food, dairy, beverage, and cosmetics
  • Three different volumes: 32, 55 and 120 liters
  • Temperature operating range: Ambient temperature + 5 ° C to 99.9 ° C
  • Air-jacketed heating system providing precise temperature control and constant temperatures
  • Tripple insulation with stainless steel chamber and frameless inner glass door
  • Reliable and accurate N-PrimeTM programmable PID microprocessor control system
  • User-friendly control panel including large bright LED displays for temperature and time
  • Programmable alarm limits, data recording on memory stick by means of USB port up to 125 days
  • CE certified
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