• Loopwheels are shock-absorbing wheels with integral suspension, designed specifically for using with a wheelchair to make your day easier, more comfortable, and more fun
  • The loops in the wheel are springs that constantly adjust to changes in terrain and other external forces and jolts, keeping the rider suspended at the wheel hub. The hub makes small and larger movements within the rigid rim
  • Wheel sizes: 24” and 25”
  • Axle bearing: ½ inch (12.7 mm) and 12 mm
  • Push rims: 6 riv-nut fitting required
  • Riv-nut center measurement: 24” is 515 mm; 25” is 539 mm
  • Weight 24” wheel: 1.8 kg
  • Weight 25” wheel: 1.85 kg (without push rim, tyre or axle)
  • Weight limit: 120 kg (265 lb) per pair of wheels
  • Spring colours: black, red, purple, orange, green, blue, white
  • Logo colours: black, red, yellow, green, teal, light blue, pink, purple, grey
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