On backorder
  • Both models are available¬†with adjustable arm pads and foot brakes
  • Premium models have additional adjustable handles, driving & parking brakes, and lock for swing
  • Comes in two modes of height adjustment - Hydraulic & Electrical
  • Easy to read height scale and to adjust the height
  • High enough for tall users (up to 2.10 m)
  • Aluminum with polyester surface and polyurethane is easy to clean and non-corrosive
  • It is tested and approved according to TUV NS-EN, ISO 11199-2 (standard for security & quality for rollator), and EN ISO 10993-1 (standard for bio-compatibility)
  • Maximum user weight capacity of 150KG
  • Wide range of accessories available like foot plate, forearm side support, oxygen cylinder holder, infusion stand, etc
  • 2 years warranty (except for parts that are exposed to natural wear and tear)
  • CE certified
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