Troja 2G Premium

  • Troja 2G Premium stands ahead of the competition of rollator with increased levels of safety, flexibility and comfort
  • It is tested and approved according to TUV NS-EN, ISO 11199-2 (standard for security & quality for rollator) and EN ISO 10993-1 (standard for bio-compatibility)
  • User friendly with features like IBS (interior braking system), ergo bell, shopping bag, reflective panels, quick release wheels, lightweight etc
  • Memory function for easy height adjustment of the handles
  • Two sizes & user weight capacity: medium - 150KG and small - 125KG
  • Comes in different colors: Capri Blue Waves, Wine Red Tartan, White Baroque & Pink Rose Sublime
  • Wide range of accessories available like tray, anti split mat for tray, off-road wheels, lamp, umbrella, rear bag with zipper, transport bag etc
  • 7 years warranty (except for parts that are exposed to natural wear and tear)
  • CE certified
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